Another rambling about…

… needing an About page! I did make one as soon as I hopped on board here- I gave the link out from my editing screen earlier in responding to a query about it and have to catch up with apologies and correcting that.

I still need to make a new About page – and figure out how to get pages to display where and how I want them – so much still to learn! So here’s a quick-ish rambling about what I might include on my new About page when I get round to it.Soon, hopefully. (I didn’t think anyone would be paying that much attention!)

So, this is anonymous-ish me, new-kid-on-the-blogging-block at my recently new M.E. blog. Although M.E. isn’t what I’d usually wish to talk about, but I need an outlet. it certainly isn’t the only thing I wish to think about, so soon after setting this blog up, I planned a posting strategy – a routine to push myself to keep and a way of passing time gently and enjoying creating something I like to look at even if no-one else does(!) Bigger plans than that are a far-away mountain I can envision and aim for but can’t see how to get there yet, nor what lies on the journey between us, toward reaching even sight of that mountain range. So, here’s what I post here and why:

  1. A daily ramble about whatever falls onto the page while I’m late getting into my posting routine every day and rushing to beat the clock. not quite how I imagined doing it all. As the theme I chose has a strong visual element I select public domain elements to make it more pleasing than plain text.
  2. A ‘Greetings Quote of the Day’ post. This usually involves finding a well-known living person who has a birthday on the day I’m posting, searching frantically for a potential quote to use and then searching for and deciding a public domain ( image to apply quote text to. I’m using the very simple method of pasting a screenshot of the image file into MSPaint, selecting the whole image or a portion of it and adding the text. very basic, less distracting than swishier software options.
  3. Z-A-Fallback*: you can either pronounce this Z to A Fallback or za-fallback, I use both. It’s more obvious what it is if you see it from the home page. I started with the letter Z and each day find a public domain image to fit the letter, or a pre-determined word beginning with that letter if I decided one already. (I usually use, or to find images.) this is building towards something, using the word and picture as a writing prompt in the future maybe. Kind of letting a theme grow itself along the way.
I read about the A to Z challenge but I’m not sure I can do that, realistically, didn’t want to wait, but decided I could fairly easy bring these prompt posts together and fill-out the view from the home-page presentation of my blog posts. It annoys me a bit that the pics don’t always display and leave gradated green slabs instead of the post images, but sometimes it loads ok. A screenshot below shows an example of how it should present- do let me know if you have any feedback about this aspect of my blog – I am considering switching theme in the future, maybe.
hitting the tags will display all posts for only
 that tag, side by side, eg daily ramble
I’ve still a few odds and ends to tidy up and sort out to make my tagging consistent as some things fall into play along the way. I’m quite sure there are stray typos and things too, as well as learning the menu widget thingy and whatever else. So, I do hope you’ll bear with me as I try to progress.
Thanks for reading and special thanks to ladycee at Purpose-driven Achiever for her interest and sharing valuable feedback  – I enjoyed the conversation and appreciate the encouragement. I also recommend a visit to her blog, it a very positive and inspiring place to read so far.


2 thoughts on “Another rambling about…

  1. Thank you so much for the mention, encouraging comment and link to my blog site – really appreciated. And you are very welcome. I know how mind-boggling and overwhelming I found it setting up my own blogs. My very best wishes.
    BTW, I only looked for your About page in the first place because I wanted to meet the person behind those fantastic images! It really wasn’t meant to be a criticism. Keep up the good work 🙂


    1. No I didn’t take it as a criticism and didn’t mind at all 🙂 It was quite a lovely moment of a reader’s curiosity enough to enquire 🙂 While I’m not much able to make good use of a camera or make art myself at the moment, I am learning an awful lot by selecting these found images that will maybe help me in my own attempts later on. Thanks for all your encouragement too 🙂

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